Hybrid Events

MMG | Pro Events Solutions

Deliver your event worldwide,
from any location

Stream to any platform including; Zoom, Teams & Vimeo. The beauty of Hybrid events comes from the way in which they are delivered. They should have seamless interaction for all of the audience in the room and joining virtually.

Here at MMG we have developed workflows and carried out extensive R&D for the technologies we use, so that you get high levels of audience engagement alongside a very robust product.

It all starts with the preparation and our producers will ensure that your online audience are not an after thought.

Services tailoured
to your individual needs

We offer services to accompany your Audio Visual that is in place for your in-person audience OR a full turnkey service including;

Hybrid & In-Person Production - In-Person Audio - Video - Lighting - Set - Stage - Platforms for your virtual attendees that include Registration & peer to peer communications. Let us unlock the limitless possibilities of your next event.