MMG Virtual Reality

We have a number of alternatives available that allow you to create events and effectively deliver key messages WITHOUT having to have large physical meetings. 

In many cases we would advise that this technology is used as something that is integrated into live events, providing ways to extend to audiences that are not attending or providing a wow factor within an event. 

At this time with the COVID-19 Virus and many unknown variables we can utilise these technologies to enable you to: 

Provide a full scale event without having to have large foot fall, physically at a specific place. 

How do we do this? 

We can provide you with a space to broadcast your presentations / content from OR you can utilise an existing space that you already have. This can be as it is or we can dress this using a range of lighting, set and or theming. Your delegates or employees utilies their mobile phone (and a special pair of glasses) to lock into a virtual world and take part in the event, for those wanting to you can also access the feed via a laptop but this would not display as 3d in the same context. 

We specialise in short turnaround times on our events so we are ready to provide you with a solution when you need it.

To find out more or book a online meeting get in touch with one of our team at: 

T - 01582 520 682